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thisisaboutyou has been rated. [08 May 2004|02:21pm]

Layout; I Like the picture for the background &the facte that it doesnt move =] but the entry box is a little boring though i like your whole link thing you have going on. = B-

Entries; you have 2 entries tha same, other than that, it's good = A-

User Info; LoL. I enjoyed seeing the pics of the guys you drool over, maybe you could put a little bit more about yu on your infor &maybe even a pic of yourself? = B+

Icons; ooo lah lah Lovely icons! LoL. = A

Overall; B+

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xattackbananax has been rated. [05 May 2004|04:10pm]

Layout; I was about to pass out when I saw your layout, omg. I am in Love with Fall Out Boy!! be my new best friend? LoL = A+

Entries; I'm sorry about all these deaths that seem to happen around you =/ &ultimate frisbee rocks! But maybe things Like those 'fill out things' w/e they're called should go behind LJ cuts =] = B+

User Info; Holy Stars! You're info is the coolest out there!! I Love it! = A+

Icons; I Like all of your icons a lot. = A

Overall; A

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dct_rock_freak has been rated. [05 May 2004|03:52pm]

Layout; I Love the breakfast club! =] but you could do more with your layout to stand out = C+

Entries; Your Life intrests me somehow .. LoL. = A-

User Info; It's very boring. All it really is is a bunch of black &white about you. I probably wouldn't read it if I didn't have to, but props for actually having something there. = D+

Icons; The pictures of you could use something, maybe like a little heart in the corner, or if that's not your thing, an upside down star ;D just something to spice them up a little. = D+

Overall; C+

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___division_st has been rated. [10 Apr 2004|07:26pm]

Layout; It's kinda boring &there's not too much going on but I Like the slight touch of pink =] = B-

Entries; I Like your pics of you &your friends. I just Love pictures =/ you seem to have a busy social life ;D = A-

User Info; There's nothing really about YOU but I Like the poems/songs you have = C+

Icons I really Like them all. They're so simple, but really cool. = A

Overall; B

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penguinchild has been rated [02 Apr 2004|04:45pm]

Layout; I Love pink &I Love yellow, I just don't think they're working very well together. I Like how it's glowing =] &how the entry boxes are fixed so they don't go over the background just rox my sox. I also Like the little blinking star =] = B+

Entries; Not judging you, no no no, but you seem to be down most of the time by the entries I'd read. I enjoyed the penny entry. lol. nothing really too interesting. = B-

User Info; I really enjoyed your info.! I have an extreme fear of the machine that squeezes your arm to take your blood pressure me too. we seem to have alot in common really =] = A

Icons; I really Like them all. = A

Overall; B+

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holdmetwice has been rated [01 Apr 2004|07:00pm]

Layout: This layout is one of my favorites! I really like the backround image, it sort of reminds of a romance movie. A

Entries:Your entries are fun, and I like the most recent one about the "choke theme" but I also like reading lyrics. A

Userinfo:I really like the pictures of you, your tatoo rocks my socks. I also like the fact you actualy wrote about yourself. A

Icons: Your icon is really spiffy, is that your tounge? I wish I had my tounge pierced!

Overall: A

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____le_bangbang has been rated [31 Mar 2004|07:00pm]

Layout; I love the layout, I like the flashing star between the comment links, they make me happy :] A

Entries; I really like the fact that your a picture whore, plus the whole "Mr.Bob and Mrs. Bob" is so freaking funny, plus you are very pretty! I also like your entries, their amusing and I actualy learn something about you. A

User Info; I really like all the cool extra fun things in your info. I think its cool that you have got accepted into all those communites. A

Icons; I like your icon, its purdii to the max! A

Overall; A

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misconceptions has been rated [31 Mar 2004|06:43pm]

Layout: I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT! I especially love the picture of the horses at the top. I am a huge fan of horses, your lucky :] I also love the colors red and yellow together, it reminds me of a sandwhich.

Entries: Your entries are really fun to read, I enjoy them hella lot. I also like some of your subject titles, they make me giggle.

User Info: I really like the banner and the fact you wrote your info on it, it goes really well with the picture. But I would like to see more fun things on your info.

Icons: I like the icon, Its sweet and simple, and that picture reminds me of seabiscut.

Overall: A-

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zebrainamerica has been rated [31 Mar 2004|06:32pm]

Layout: The layout is really boring. I would suggest adding some more color, or a backround image. I just dont find it too fun to look at. But I do like the color red :] D-

entries: Your entries arent all that interesting, and I dont quite understand why your sister is updating your journal?

User Info: Your user infor has barley anything in it. Although I do like the quoute at the bottom, I think you should add things about yourself, so people can get to know you better.

Icons: Eh, your icon is really plain, I dont really like the font. But I do like the picture for some reason, I like seeing people smile.

Overall: D-

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crashbandicoot has been rated [31 Mar 2004|06:11pm]

layout: Even though I am not a fan of anime, I think the backround is really good, and I like the see through entrie thing. A

entries: I find your entries very amusing, and I feel that I learn something about you after every entrie. And I didnt find any spelling mistakes, which is always fantastic! I have always wanted to see "meet joe black" but have never gotten the chance! A+

user info: I did your userinfo, but I didnt really like the whole typing with number thing, but thats just a pet peeve of mine, although I couldnt stop myself from trying to read it, and I think I got most of it. I also think that you could make the info about yourself more interesting to read. I like that you wrote "marrige is love" at the bottom, I also like the picture of the snowmen, it made me smile. B

icons: I like your Icon, but its sort of plain to me.
I also like the little thingy-me-bobbers at the top. B

overall: B+

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bashful_lisa has been rated. [25 Mar 2004|07:34am]

Layout; Purple Rocks.! lol. It's not really interesting, but it's well organized. = B+

Entries; I hope Evan gets better =] &I tried your birth number trick &I'm a 6. lol. You really express who you are in your entries. = A

User Info; It's really interesting &nice to look at. I like how you have your family there. &I love the way you have your info about yourself =]. = A

Icons; I really do like the one of your daughter =] she is so adorable =D. = A

Overall; A-

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[15 Mar 2004|04:34pm]

thingindacorner has been rated

Layout; I do Love stars =] and those links you got going are are really spiffy. = A-

Entries; I Love your haircut =] lol. &I Love that cartoon .. that made me laugh xD = A

User Info; I'm in Love with your user info.! = A+

Icons; teehee i love the cheshire [sp?] cat = B+

Overall; A-

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GinO you got Lucky [14 Mar 2004|06:53pm]

lickablelipz has been rated

Desirae Denise .. you lucky thing you .. if you werent my friend whom i love i would have given you such a bad grade .. youd have a really bad grade.! lol.

Layout; eh, my dearest. atleast it fits the title. = C+

Entries; I love your entries, hun, but you neglect it to the point it cries ='[. = B-

User Info; arg .. you got lucky girl. there's nothing there! you make me look bad.. you're lucky stefany's not rating you.! = C

Icons; I like what ou have.! my oh my .. how vibrant.! lol. ;D =A

Overall; B-

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